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French speaking alliance recruiting new members

The french speaking alliance “Jurassic Evolution France” is recruiting new members. Feel free to apply. More details, in french, below:

Nous recherchons des membres actifs afin de remplacer des joueurs qui ont arrêté de jouer après les dernières mises à jour du jeu. Il y a une dizaine de places disponibles. Nous recherchons des joueurs motivés qui s’investissent dans les missions d’alliance en coopérant avec les autres membres de l’alliance.

Nous avons un messenger pour communiquer.

Le nom de l’alliance est “Jurassic Evolution France”. N’hésitez à envoyer une demande pour nous rejoindre dans le jeu.


Translated From French

We are looking for active members to replace players who have stopped playing after the last updates of the game. There are ten places available. We are looking for motivated players who invest in alliance missions by cooperating with other alliance members.

We have a messenger to communicate.

The name of the alliance is “Jurassic Evolution France”. Feel free to send a request to join us in the game.

Thank you

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated the French part of your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward, even if the guild description itself is in French.

This is quite funny. My post is about recruiting french speaking players. I had written the subject and the first paragraph in english. The rest was written in french for the benefit of french speaking players.

Thanks for translating but I think that this is not useful for non french speaking players :slight_smile: