Frenzy (multiple) attacks don't allow for counter attack

Bug Description: When a creature with a frenzy attack uses said attack, there is counter attack done after the first attack but before the second. Also, the animation doesn’t always show the second attack, if it ends up eliminating the opponent.

Area is was found in: Arena (not my video but best show by IDGT here): ARDONTOGNATHUS LEVEL 28! 🐟 FIRST BATTLES ON THE BEACH!! (Jurassic World Alive 2.14 PVP) - YouTube

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use creature with a frenzy move against one with a counter attack (Ardontognathus VS Ankylos Lux, in this example)
Step 2 - Watch Lux not counter the first attack, then die with health still remaining.

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Thank you, Somedinoguy. I will bring this up with our team!

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Isn’t it how it’s supposed to work? Because the frenzy hits twice the counters should be one after the first hit and another after the second second hit.

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That’s what I’m saying too. If you watch the video however, that isn’t what is happening.


It sounds like the second counter is happening before the second hit instead of after it, like it’s supposed to.

Edit: Pardon, Not like it’s supposed to.


Yeah, I watched the video and you’re right the counter only activates once instead of twice on the dio for example.

It’s kind of an odd thing, but they were designed “After each turn”, not “after sustaining damage” like the move implies

I would assume ludia just chose the Afteer each turn and didn’t anticipate adding frenzy. But I could be wrong

based on what i see, its nothing wrong. the first hit of frenzy does 2042 damage, leaving the anky with 1500 ish health, then the anky dies from the second frenzy hit

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Two issues that I see:

The Anky should have countered the first impact. This would not only have left the flock with less health, but if you think of a dino like Quetz, the missing counter could have also changed its state. Nullifying would have removed the speed increase, or if it was Skoona the flock would be left even slower. Yes, the visual glitch (#2) is minor, but this would have left the flock in a much more manageable situation for the opponent’s next dino.

later in the vid, skoona only countered once, and skoona survived that time

Exactly. Skoona should have countered twice, once per attack. Instead of two flock members left (and having been slowed), Skoona should have done another 1212 damage and there have been only one flock member left and it should have been slowed twice.

I mean it should trigger the counter since the game counts it as 2 attacks

I thought they explained that it’s 2 hits in 1 attack, used to help take down shields which have stipulations about how many hits they can receive. In that case i would expect the counter to happen after the 2nd hit, and only once. If a counter proc’d twice for every frenzy it would be seriously broken on some dinos. I’m not surprised there’s confusion over a new mechanic, but wording hasn’t been their strong suit, especially lately.