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Fresh Suggestion: Aquatic/Jurassic or Cenozoic/Jurassic Hybrids

Hello All and Hello Ludia,

First time poster, long time player. I love this game! Right now my enthusiasm is pretty much all in the jurassic side of the game, getting aqua’s and ceno’s from packs is cool but I never buy them with DNA or put much thought into my lineup. Reading through the forums, it seems others feel the same way. Let’s change that! My suggestion is the addition of hybrid recipes that span across realms. A cenozoic and a jurassic, or maybe am aquatic and an amphibian could make a super strong all-new amphibian. The resulting creatures could be either jurassic or aqua/ceno, though I would love it if we could make new jurassics this way. What do you guys think? Thanks, Max

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@pickles987 hello, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

We already have Allonogmius (Allosaurus+Bananogmius) and Glythronax (Glyptodon+Lythronax), if that’s what you meant.

Oh wow, that is exactly what I meant. Epic! I’ll have to try and get those hybrids now. I didn’t know they existed. I guess then I would change my suggestion to be that there should be more of these hybrids, especially between lower rarity creatures, so that hybrids of this sort can be had earlier on rather than only late-game.

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@pickles987 that’s a good suggestion, but I’m afraid there can be only Super Rare and above since there’s no Rare and Common cenos and aquas. Also, most Jurassics have hybrids and there are very few exceptions (Corythosaurus, Shunosaurus, etc). Also, new Gen 2s are Tournament Creatures so I think no more Commons/Rares/Super-Rares/Legendaries.

Hey @Jurassic_Fury i needed some advice i wanted to but 4 tapejalosauruses today but something is holding me off. Thats the fact that tapej is available in custom trades for coins<jurassic. So am i wasting my dna by buying him? Plzz help i will really appreciate

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It also seems like coin<jurassic trades have been nerfed. So what do you say should i buy him or not?

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Replyy brooooooooooo

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@The_Phoenix If you have a good inflow of DNA, then you can go for buying with DNA and if you have good inflow of coins, go for coins. But ideally go for coins. (Also it is a little off-topic here so you can post this in Trade Harbour Travesty or any lineup-related topic…)

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The chances in getting a tapejalosaurus in the custom trades are a bit low though.

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Allonogmius and Glythronax aren’t very good for its DNA cost. But go for it if you want.

not everyone is here 24/7 and can’t always reply in under a minute.

the hybrids across realms…

Glythronax looks siiick maxed out. Ludia give it a buff.


I am not an idiot. I told him to reply because i saw him like my post (face palm)

Tbh given the high attack of the lythronax and the fact its fused with a ledgendary cenozoic it’s not got the stats it deserves, should be more on par with cerazinosaur