Freya’s Blessing Feast has stopped working after 3rd day

Is anyone else experiencing this. Son found letters (plus bonus letter) for first three days it was active. Then yesterday feb 9 it came up greyed out when we went in. There wasn’t even a countdown timer showing time till finding next letter.

I’ve taken pictures but can’t attach here on post to show what i mean.

The event timer in upper left of Freya blessing screen (where it shows your egg as its found) shows 24d + so its not like the event is done. Oddly in the toolbar on right of screen in main game, the Freya letters is saying “last chance” in white text.

Any thoughts or suggestions to get this going again? My son really liked looking for the letters. Thank you.

Hey there Carly, sorry that you’re experiencing this issue in-game with your letters. If it persists feel free to contact our support team by sending an email to outlining the issue and provide your support key which can be found on your loading screen, as well as the screen shots. As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Hope this helps!

I did contact support and with now 16d on timer I’m still not any closer to an answer.

I appreciate there are lots of tickets but this seems to be taking an extremely long time.