Freya's Flowers

How does it work? Are Freya’s decorations like seasonal statues? Do they generate resources over time or are they just pretty and take up space?
Are Freya’s Flowers a ‘use it or lose it’ thing? When the timer runs out do we get new decorations and dragons or do we lose the flowers we have collected, like we lose all items in collections with no payback?
(My campaign for some sort of return on unused items in collections is ongoing!! Some players pay runes during collections and for all the items to disappear for no feasable reward when the time runs out is annoying and frustrating!!)

They are a “use it or lose it” if you don’t use by the deadline.

Once this passes, there will be a new seasonal currency.

The decorations are purely decorative and do not provide resources.

Thank you! Good to know!

If we have leftover flowers, will we be able to use them again next spring? Will the same decorations be available?

I raised this with Support and they said no.

Hello, where can I change the collected flowers…? Can not find any menu… Could somebody tell me please…? Kind regards from Germany, Netsroht

Go to the market, where you collect the mystery card packs every 6 hours. Click on the flowers. I’m hoping to get Duskgust, great stats. 16.8M/h wood for 10 hours.