Friday strike schedule issue

Hello, I recently got back into Jurassic World Alive and I realised that due to the way the day timer is set I miss out on the entirety of Friday’s strikes and dinosaurs. This is because I am in a country where the timezone is 7 hours ahead of E.S.T. This makes it so that in my country the day resets every day at 5 PM my time, which would be fine except on Fridays from the evening until Saturday evening I have a religious holiday that prevents me from using my phone or any kind of work. During the winter the religious holy day starts at around 4:30 PM Friday and ends around 6:30 PM Saturdays, causing me to miss the entirety of friday’s strikes and dinosaurs. One way this could be fixed is by just moving the time that the day resets back one hour from 10 AM E.S.T. to 9 AM E.S.T. (at least during the winter) so players like me don’t have to miss out on an entire day and an epic incubator every week. Thank you for your consideration

The reset is at 15:00 UTC every day. Whatever the season.

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right, like I said, 5 PM my time which is extremely inconvenient for me and others like me, thats why im suggesting it be changed

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The issue is that if they change it for you, it will make it inconvenient for others in different time zones. A solution would be for the reset to be local time dependant, like it is for raid hours and community days in Pokémon GO, but don’t wait for it…