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Friend & Alliance Management

The alliance only show 1 day ago for all members offline. It dont even show hours and minutes. Been a few days yet also show 1 day ago. Please do a better update if not dont even update if it dont even help.

Please add in chat function for all players.
At least we can do a in game private chat.

I believe the minimum is <1 day ago (besides online).

The next I’ve seen is 5 days, 7 days 14 days.

Well, we need to know the exact time offline in order to keep track on players activeness.

If starting from ( Offline to 4days 23hrs 59 minutes ) is showing 1day ago how am I going to manage the alliance?

Players log in every 4days VS those log in everyday. How am I going to know who are the more active ones?

For those who are not the leader , they wont be bothered. But I am the leader, and I’m playing with group of friends to make the alliance active. So I need to keep track of the non active players.

It will give you the last online time in days, which is good enough - when it works, which is about half the time I check (<1 day ago, 2 day, 3 days etc). When it doesn’t, it shows everyone as <1 day ago.

It’s not perfect and still buggy but I’m grateful to finally have something to help me track member activity.