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Friend codes for forum actives

Hi all,
Some of you I face every day in the arena, others never.
I’d like to add the people that are active on here to do the occasional friendly battle and out of curiosity of team development.
For everyone that would like to do so, I suggest posting both forum name and ingame name, so people know who you are when adding you.

Ill kick it off:
afbakappeltaart #2653

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I’ll add you…but be prepared for my Monomimus! Jk, but I really want to try out some new stuff.

MikeIsaak #0235

Hersh (2723)

VargRanger 3678



Haha, cant wait :wink:

Join in @Heather and make some friends then :wink:

This is how all proper disagreements should be handled!

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No ludia doesn’t want me having friends… I have no friends tab :joy:

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Lolwut? @Heather

I’m actually your “friend” on there @Heather.

@afbakappeltaart I’m going to set up my team and try to find you for a few after I eat dinner.

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jeez… even i have 1 friend. granted it’s my second account, but it’s more than heather.

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I actually have 77 friends I just can’t see them :upside_down_face:

that’s as convincing as @DracoInfernalis trying to say they beat by 90 indorpator fuse with a 100 tryk fuse, even though this was the “proof”




Shut your face :blush:

How do you like your tryk?
I’ve got a ton of ankytro ingredients but not sure I should use them

it’s not mine. they sent me that picture.