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Ok, I would like to see a frined list and friend battles in JW Alive, because i can’t battle with my friends and it can be realy interesting to beat your friends

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Friend battles would have to have a different ranking system, because it would be too easy for people to cheat. It would have to be for status amongst friends, not the community, and lesser rewards.


it would be great!Good idea! :grin:


I mean with no rewards, only for friends for fun no ranking


+1 I need to kick my friends’ dinos.


:joy::joy::joy:yees :joy::joy::joy: that’s one reason too :joy::joy::joy:


I’m sure they will implement it sometime in the future!


It would be cool if I could battle with my friends, the game should have a social tab so I could add friends and battle with them whenever I want.

EDIT: Idk how to select that this topic is a suggestion


+1 This should really be implemented ASAP as it keeps friends playing to get better and better.


Yeah, there should be friend battles


there should be a battle arena specifically for friend battles with no prizes or just a small amount of coin as a prize. the goal of these battles could be to rise through the ranks within your friends list and if you can hold a certain spot within your friend list you receive a 3hr incubator


As much as I love it, if there’s any sort of reward no matter how small it is, it would be abused by people who have multiple accounts. So unless there’s a way for them to detect multiple accounts I don’t think they’d implement this.


My gut reaction says that despite the awesome nature of a face to face competition, it’ll never happen as such because you know there’s gonna be some players who deliberately throw matches so as to level each other up. It happens in MMP combat games all the time. Maybe a function that would allow this personal battle situation but without rewards or leveling up would be the answer.


I don’t see a problem with friendly battles against friends. Would improve the game for some.


That’s the “rub” as they say. A friendly game (without any reward other than bragging rights) would be awesome. Totally awesome. However, you know that to do this is gonna require a massive new update with a new & separate operating system to connect particular players head-to-head. Likely involving WiFi because the game already incorporates the wireless connections. It’s a dream but don’t expect it to happen real soon. Besides, playing head to head without rewards won’t result in the usage of your supplies such as coins, DNA, darts or cash & if we’re not using them we probably won’t be inspired to consider spending real money to augment these supplies from time to time (& after all, the primary purpose of this game is to be a successful business).


Just being able to friendly battle the person next to you would be fine. A “Friendly Battle” where win or lose you gain nothing but knowledge of your friends team… no ranking would be needed here just for fun… definitely no rewards bc you can gain those by playing “Ranked Battles” …Which is already in the game… anyway still having fun!!! I want that Indominus Rex!!!


Friends lists and even a clan type system would bring this game into a whole “new world” lol. Friend battles could simply be a “who can beat who” with only bragging rights as rewards. Or even a" 100 gold coin from each player and winner takes all" battle system would work nice. I would love to chat with players while in game. Other then that this game is great.


It’d be nice to be able to add your friends and do friend unrated battles.


Please add friend requests and friendly battles, the game will be really complete.


I would like battling with my friend without ranking points but with coin or incubator reward.