Friending the friends of your friends in raids(bug report?suggestion?G discussion?

Idk if its me or not, but did ludia remove the recently battled with tab thing? I have reset the game and haven’t seen it at all. This cancels out a lot of opportunities for me. Like, after you battle with a friend and his/her friends, you can go to the recently battled tab and the players you have battled with in raids and pvp should be there. I have battled in raids with some really good people with good raid dinos but I can’t friend em, and I can’t see people I faced in pvp. The recently battled tab is just gone for me, even after facing 10 players. Idk if its just me or if its thing ludia did, but I would love to get that back. And I don’t know what to categorize this as since Idk if its an official thing or a bug. @Ned, can ya help me out?


Same here! I was looking for it the other day when I beat a really crazy-boosted team and I was curious what the rest of their lineup looked like, but there was no recently-battled section at all.

That’s strange, @Snake_Dude. I can still see the players under my Recently Battled tab.

Could I ask you to contact our support team at with your support key so they can take a closer look? Thanks!

Hey @Qaw, could you reach out to our support team as well? Thank you!

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