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Friendly Alliance Looking for player

The Alliance ‘Catch em All’ has an opening and we are looking for the perfect match.

About us:

We are a friendly international alliance. We have players from all over the world but most of the players are based in Sweden so raids are usually in CET zone.

We help players of all levels.

We are hobby players and but take alliance requirements seriously (there are only 2)

We help eachother, supportive and like a friendly banter.
We help eachother raid from rare to apex.
DNA requests are welcome
Weekly incu.7/8/9

About you:

-An active player with minimum of 2k trophy count so you can participate in tournaments

-solemnly swear that you do 10 takedowns every tournament or else :smiley:

-can respect the special sanctuary(s)

-willing to communicate through Facebook messenger where we coordinate raids

Comment here your player name & number & send your request in game.