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Friendly battle against AI (poll)


Could ludia pls make this possible? its a great way of knowing if a dino will be useful at higher lvls, and also to practice. given that no one uses friendly battle, this could help
what do you think?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m alone in “No” :laughing:

So let me explain why… It’s because now with the Alliances we don’t have (or shouldn’t have) problems in asking someone for a battle, and then we can test dinos against a real person, which is way better. Of course a friendly AI battle would be nice, but it would take uneccessary storage space in the system of the game and I think we have more urgent matters.

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I agree with you about the urgent matters. They should fix the bugs before doing anything. I don’t wanna a new update with new dinos and new bugs lol
But the thing is, I can’t go ask someone in my alliance to spend time battling with me just cause I wanna try my Megalosuchus in several occasions and against several dinos, know what I mean?


I feel like it would be a harmless addition with no actual downside. If Im bored and want to test SIA teams or all long necks, why not. I understand the plenty of alliance members thought process but sometimes everyone is busy or offline. Im in a full, extremely active alliance and I have a full friends list but sometimes its hard to get in my 1 a day friend battle for dailies