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Friendly battle notification needed


This has probably come up already, but some notification is needed when a request is received. There is no way of knowing that someone is waiting on you when fusing or messaging.


And maybe when your not even on the game. alliance members play at different times so get a notification would be great

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I agree, if the game is minimized we should show offline or receive notifications :slightly_smiling_face:


Goes along with my suggestion:

Not sure why the map and friends list are the only places an alert shows up.


If it buzzed, that would be excellent. When I’m out I often hold my phone down (because I’m between drops or dinos) so a request might have been there a while before I noticed it. :frowning:


Kind of similar to this is a Do Not Disturb feature. If say I activate a scent token, I don’t want to join a friendly battle because I don’t want to waste the scent. But at the same time, I don’t want the person who request the battle to think I’m ignoring them.


Great idea, @Snookims! There already is that “busy” icon when preforming certain actions, it would be nice to manually set that too.