Friendly Battle Problems

I’m having the same type issue as we had back when that new tournament came out! I go to enter a friendly battle and it doesn’t show that I ever actually enter into on my end then all of a sudden it pops up and says that it has timed out or whatever. I haven’t experienced this with regular battles, just friendly so far and just since the update. Anyone else?

Hey BluEyes383, that’s strange that it’s only happening with your friendly battles. If you reach out to our support team at with your support key, they can investigate further to see what the problem could be.

In the meantime, there are some troubleshooting steps here that might help resolve this: Lost a battle I was winning

I’ve been having the same issue today, with friendly battles only. Timer pops up and counts down to 1 minute then the game reloads. One friendly battle I actually got into but froze after each input. I think it did the same for my opponent as well. I reloaded the game after each input just to see if that helped but would freeze when I made the next input

I was in a PvP battle today that the screen went almost all pink for about half a second and then popped up a message stating my battle had timed out. Matches have actually been somewhat fair today, but when you have to restart the game to get back into the battle it puts you at a major disadvantage… I lost.

Yes, having the same issue. It get particularly serious and frequent after the recent updates.