Friendly battle rework

I’ve had this idea for a bit but I think I finally have the time to explain it
Friendly battles have been extremely laggy and have effected a lot of people. Considering it is a requirement for daily/weekly/monthly missions I believe it needs rework to be more easily completed.

  1. Making friendly battles almost like a raid lobby ,but only for 2 players, could most probably fix the joining issue. So just like raids you’d gain an invite from the top and you’d join the lobby and you’d see both players in it.
  2. This could also have the lobby leader implement rules and restrictions to the battle and you’d be able to create a team in the lobby.
  3. Adding rule presets slots and team presets slots could also be implemented for friendly battles to make having rules and teams easy and fast to battle
  4. Going into the lab and the friendly battle tab you could fix or adjust these presets but you could also fix these presets in a friendly battle lobby.
  5. After the friendly battle you would be able to click retry or leave, just like raids.
    (These are my ideas, please give me some feedback on this feature I have come up with)