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Friendly Battle v2.0

Would be great to have some of the tournament features carry over into a Friendly Battle mode such as:

  1. Starting the battle with restrictions in place (Hybrid Rules, Rarity Rules etc…)
  2. Ability to include or exclude stat boosts for each player
  3. Ability to choose LEVEL’d battles (26 for all dinos) or use your team as is
  4. Finally, ability to choose ‘unlocked all dinos’, to give newer or players with fewer unlocks a chance to use any dino from the entire roster or lock users to their rosters only.

A rethink like this will add life into the Friendly Battles or create a new concept around Friendly tournaments, taking some learning from popular Fantasy Football leagues where groups can setup their own leagues of players and points/ranking carries until a defined end period when the tournament ends a ‘winner’ is crowned.

Some players through lockdown won’t be in a position to unlock dino’s and it would allow them to re-engage with the game, get access to dino’s such as Thoradolasaur or Ardentismaxima even if they are yet to unlock them in the PvP mode. Gives all players a chance to try the latest dino’s when they are released to see what they bring to the game and figure out strategies before fighting them for real.

Folks - lets up vote on this idea if you like the sound of a Friendly Battle v2.0 revamp. I know younger players in my group would want this.

I love unlock dino idea for new players can try before real unlock