Friendly Battles -Aliance missions

Do friendly battles against fellow alliance members count as 2 battles on the alliance missions ?


According to this informative post, they do.

Hm… by my experience not. We tried several times and the counting was only +1 each time (?)

That post doesn’t specifically state that 2 people in the same alliance doing friendly battle will count as 2 battles.

For example, when you have the friendly battle challenge, if I challenge someone in my alliance to a friendly battle that I believe counts as one friendly battle, even though two people in the alliance completed it. Maybe it is the same for what the OP was asking.

It only counts as one, and only one person gets credit for it, my girlfriend and i knocked out the 10 friendly battles challenge today on our own, each battle only counted once. Interestingly, she was credited for all 10.

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I assume that’s because she initiated the challenges?

I would think the person who initiated the battle, gets credit for it. The person who accepted does not.

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Actually no, i thought that was the case as well, so i challenged her 4 or 5 times, she still got the credit for those as well. The next idea i had was that it was who won, but that isn’t the case as well, i won the majority of the battles.

Hey there, yeah the post is an in progress confirmation. However we have worked it out to the best of our abilities with the international alliance we have.

So friendly challenges (within/outside alliance) will count as 1 for both tasks: Partner Up or Defense Training

The creatures defeated in friendly is NOT counted towards Attack Practice

In terms of who gets credit, I’m inclined to say it may be given to the higher ranked person but since the friendly amount was set to 20, it was quickly finished before we could confirm this. Next week! @RangerABCDEFG I have initiated all the friendly and I still got the credit. Does she have the higher trophy rank as well?

P.S. You guys posted at the same time I clarified the post so please re-read the updated post.

Negative, i’m higher levelled, and higher ranked.

Hope you can help out with this next week then for this info! Send me a direct message then. We will coordinate!

Did a friendly battle outside of alliance and didn’t get credit for it.

@Blu we will have to retest that again then…it is really hard to do isolated testing when you have an international alliance. We tried to do it when no one is active but you know someone is always active around the globe in our alliance so we can only hope the numbers were due to us! Hope you can help us too next week as those were the most difficult to test since it is easily finished!

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I really wouldn’t have noticed except we were at 0 before my match and still at zero after.
Thank you for your observation, I wouldn’t have thought of that.