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Friendly battles almost impossible

How many of you guys use or try to play friendly battles? And if so how do you find it?
Me and my gf both play the game and today we tried friendly battling for the first time in probably about 6 months. Back then it was almost impossible to do, I can’t ask her at all as the requests refuse to come through, half the time I don’t show up on her friends list as active even though I’m online and sat ten foot away from her, she asks and I accept and nothing happens, or it errors out and says try again later, or we get through to the loading screen and gets stuck there, so I restart and get stuck on 1/27 for the first few go’s, by which point the battle is over.
And so on and so on
We tried again today and ALL the same problems are still there lol who codes this game?? Or is it just such an irrelevant feature it doesn’t really matter

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