Friendly Battles Difficult to Get Started

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Bug Description: Friendly battles are painfully difficult to get going.

Area is was found in: Friendly Battle Area

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- I request a friendly battle with one of my other accounts.
Step 2 - One or the other errors and results in having to wait for the other to count down to request again.
Step 3 - After timing out when I go to try to request a friendly battle again, it either show the other account is busy or they don’t show as online and when I select them in the friends list, the “Friendly Challenge” is greyed out so I can’t still request.
Step 4 - I have to reboot the game on both accounts and try again but usually works.
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For players with only one device and one account, this has got to be totally frustrating as they error out and can’t communicate with the other party. Or they count down and time out and then think the other player has logged out but don’t know they are still on but can’t request to do a friendly battle again.

How often does it happen: At least once a day, twice today.

What type of device are you using: Android phones and Ipads. It happens on both in both directions.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
If your going to have daily missions that require a friendly battle or friendly battles to complete other missions, this needs to be fixed.


It happens a lot when I friendly battle my friend. You need to try it a bunch of times refreshing the game for it to work.


Ludia you really need to fix this bug. That or remove the missions that require friendly battle. I have tried all day and have only been able to battle a friend twice. Really?

I’ve seen this about a hundred times today

This has been an issue for years. My kids love to challenge their cousins and it’s hard to get through even when they are FaceTiming from another device. I can’t imagine how impossible it is for those unable to communicate with the player they are challenging.

I literally spent a good 15 minutes today trying to get a friendly battle going to get a daily mission accomplished between my accounts. Constant errors on one account while the other account would go in and wait for the battle to begin. Then I have to wait for it to time out. Rebooting both devices wouldn’t work. I was about ready to give up and finally tried on the 4th account and went in.

How about just getting rid of the friendly battle mission or just remove friendly battles completely. I’m sure this would be a stupid simple fix if these lazy programmers would get their butts in gear.

I have some experience dealing with this issue: after sending out the request, the one who receives the request count 6 seconds before accepting the request, this will fix 90% of the errors.

Me too, this is really bad with the new PVP mission I spend time set it up then can’t get into a battle as described above