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Friendly challenge aint working since i changed my cellphone for a s9+


Aint working it ask me you have to be connected to googleplay… and when i click connect or ok it not doing anything sometime it froze and i gotta restsrt the appa… i dont understand cuz in already online in googplay i saw it going online when i start the game and in the option it said log out under the googleplay setting so im online for sure… plz help im missing a lot of trex dna right now and i hope u could find a way to refund me what i missed cuz im very commited to the game and invested alots too… ty ludia .



Hey there, @David_Olivier, I’m really not sure what could be caushing this issue but our support team would be glad to take a closer look! Reach out to them at, including your support key so that they can find you in their system more quickly. They’ll get you back to collecting DNA as soon as possible!