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Friendly Challenge Randomizer


Would be cool if this was a seperate feature/mode for friendly challenges.

Make it the same as normal friendlies, but the AI would pick 4 dinos from your deck at random for that one match.

“Somebody has challenged you to a Random Match!”

Make it function just as a regular friendly does, and still count twords the daily quest.

Might be a fun way to get to use (and fight against) some of the dinos we never see? :thinking: IDK, just getting bored with the usual suspects in friendlies . :smirk:

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We mix them up in friendlies or practice with new addition to teams. If someone gets a new Dino or is having trouble with a certain one, we put it in so they can practice defeating it.

Today I had fun with all evasive teams. Just do evasive strikes, cloaks and dodges to see how long they would last. Didn’t work out too well for me but was a lot of fun… and fast matches too.

Make it a free for all. If you have a battle mission to complete, switch a few members of each team after every battle and challenge again. Some folks put in themed teams, some use their regular ‘I want an incubator’ team. No reason to have it done for you, pick whatever you would like to use.


Wait, aren’t the dinos picked randomly anyway?

Do you mean ones to chose?
Am I just having a mad day…
I’m confused…

type in dinos you have or want to use, click “pick one”.
at least that is how I do most of my friendly battles


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Love it XD

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If you want to do all the dinos you have, copy and paste this: Alanqa, allosaurus, allosinosaurus, amargasaurus, amargocephalus, ankylocodon, ankylosaurus, ankylosaurus gen 2, ankyntrosaurus, apatosaurus, arambourgiania, argentinosaurus, baryonyx, baryonyx gen 2, blue, Brachiosaurus, carnotaurus, charlie, concavenator, darwezopteryx, darwinopterus, deinocheirus, delta, dilophosaurus, dilophosaurus gen 2, Diloracheirus, Diloranosaurus, dimetrodon, dimetrodon gen 2, dimodactylus, Dimorphodon, diorajasaur, diplocaulus, diplocaulus gen 2, diplotator, Dracoceratops, Dracorex, Dracorex gen 2, echo, edmontoguanadon, edmontosaurus, einiasuchus, einiosaurus, Erlidominus, erlikosaurus, erlikosaurus gen 2, euoplocephalus, gallimimus, giraffatitan, gorgosaurus, gorgosuchus, gryposuchus, hatzegopteryx, iguanodon, Indominus rex, indoraptor, irritator, irritator gen 2, kaprosuchus, kentrosaurus, koolasuchus, koolasuchus gen 2, lythronax, Maiasaura, majundasuchus, majungasaurus, megalosaurus, megalosuchus, miragaia, monolophosaurus, monolophosaurus gen 2, monomimus, monostegotops, nodopatotitan, nodopatotitan, nodosaurus, nundasuchus, ophiacodon, Ornithomimus, ouranosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, parasaurolophus, postimetrodon, postosuchus, Procerathomimus, Proceratosaurus, pteranodon, purrolyth, purrusaurus, purrusaurus gen 2, pyroraptor, Pyrritator, queztalcoatlus, rajakylosaurus, rajasaurus, sarcorixis, sarcosuchus, scaphognathus, secodontosaurus, Sinoceratops, spinosaurus, spinosaurus gen 2, spinotahraptor, spinotasuchus, stegoceratops, stegosaurus, stigymoloch, stigymoloch gen 2, suchomimus, suchotator, tanycolagreus, tarbosaurus, tenontorex, tenontosaurus, thoradolosaur, triceratops, triceratops gen 2, trykosaurus, Tryostronix, tuojiangosaurus, tupandactylus, tyrannolophosaur, tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrannosaurus rex gen 2, utahraptor, Utasinoraptor, velociraptor, wuerhosaurus

If you don’t have some of these you could delete them, If you have other dinos not listed here you could add them anywhere in the list. Of course these are the dinos that I have. :grinning:

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I’ll quite happily use this in a friendly with ya!

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One tiny problem… I can’t coppy paste XD

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lol, are you currently on a computer or a phone?


I phone :slight_smile:

Edit: a very BROKEN IPhone 5C…

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hold a piece of text down with your finger, use the 2 little ends of the highlighted text to highlight more text from the left end, and then from the right end.
after that a “copy” should show up. :grinning:

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It would be like you didnt have a team selected at all when you start a random match. The AI would pick 4 dinos from your dinodex for your team.

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Oh right I see, I thought you meant from off your strike team…


Thanks for dropping the knowledge!

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