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Friendly Draft League ( FDL) Ultimate Battle


This off season, we resumed our friendly draft league (FDL) Season 1. This time, it’s going to be the ULTIMATE BATTLE- battle of the best of the best. It is comprised by winners from different alliances. They will battle in an 8-player single elimination style.

  1. Apex predators : @Marktheshark @quakeur
  2. Sand Dunes: @TeaRekz @Sean_Tes (cdncowboy)
  3. Metahub: @Dwebble
  4. Pokefodder: @scottemc
  5. Lyth Crew: @rothag
  6. KillerRaptors: @shely

As of now, we are in the second round. We will keep this page updated and hopefully share links of their recorded battles. Good luck to all!

. We will be announcing our season 2 after the championship. Season 2 will have a little bit of a twist to make it more interesting. Any legit alliance is welcome to join. Please DM me, @practicekat @Marktheshark @Idgt902 or @quakeur


Hello. I am a huge fan of this tournament and have followed the coverage but I wish there were more talks about this everywhere. The videos by the big youtubers have stopped covering the event just cause they lost but we are at the most exciting part now!
Here is a playlist of all the videos I have watched about the tournament so far


Thanks again for putting this together! Cdncowboy from Sand Dunes is @Sean_Tes on here. Just wanted to make sure he got the shout out :grin:


For those that are interested. I was super hesitant on doing it at first. I really had no idea what I was doing. Had no expectations and here I am. These battles are for sure the most fun and nerve racking of any of the battles I’ve done in the game since the launch.


Congratulations to @Sean_Tes (cdncowboy) of Sand Dunes Alliance for winning the FDL Ultimate Battle !! Well done . Congratulations also to @Dwebble for making it to the finals! And thank you to everyone who made this tournament a blast!

Season 2 will be announced soon!


Congrats @Sean_Tes!! Well done bro!

I think we were all under the impression that the last Champion Bracket with all the winners was the “Ultimate Battle” though :man_shrugging:t4:


Thank you all that was involved in putting this on. It was a thrill from start to finish.

I’ve said it before but those that are hesitant on joining this tournament because they are either not too experienced or are intimated I was the same. I doubted my self right from the draft and the battling was the most thrilling from match one. Better than any epic tower this game has presented.

Cannot wait for the next tournament.

Ps: Sand Dunes thanks for all the help.


Congrats cowboy!! Couldn’t have happened to a better dude.


woahh!! congrats @Sean_Tes

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ggooooo sand dunes!!!

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wheres the vid?