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Friendly Draft League- need 2 more alliances to join this unofficial tournament with Apex Predators


Without official tournament going on, everybody is getting bored in the arena . We, at ApexPredators, started our own friendly draft league today. We followed a snake ladder pattern- pick 1-8 then 8-1. Eight players for 8 rounds. Any dino already selected can’t be picked up again by another player. And it’s best of 5 games. Winner will advance to next round until the championship. We are planning for 2 brackets, total of 16 players. This is how our draft ended up in the first bracket.

We are looking for alliances to join the Ultimate League Battles. It will be composed of winners from each alliance draft league. We will need at least 8 teams. Currently, we have 5 Alliances doing a draft pick.

Sand Dunes
Lyth Crew

DM me if your alliance wants to join this unofficial Tournament. Make sure you have at least 8 active players for the draft.


It’s been such a blast so far!! Tbh, I’d be so down to make a weekly occurrence of this


I love this


We will keep this post updated with our results.


What did the teams end up looking like?

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We are not done yet with the draft for other conference . Time zone difference making a little delay.

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Sorry, not all the images loaded before. Thought that bracket was the actual tournament. Sand Dunes has done a small tournament too, but I like the draft idea. Shakes things up from everyone running the same dinos. :100:


Say if 1st person picks his dino, the 2nd person will be placed in unfair position and so on. How can you balance that?

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Pick order is random. Just because you have the last pick doesn’t mean you’ll get the worst one… there are plenty of amazing Dino’s to choose from. And it is well know that even great ones have very effective counters. The idea here creating a well rounded team. Take for example, @Marktheshark . He had 6th pick and still won the first bracket .

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Sorry I see it now, that different group of 8s pick their selection, instead of being split over a total of 16. I was just confused about that, since 8 is the max number that deals a fair share in tyrant tier or plus something else likewise strong(presumably magna has made to another tyrant).
We in Sand Dunes are also trying to come up with a rule that’s more applicable our way, the preliminary idea is once both players agree to the theme, we are good to go. :smiley:


Watched the video of the battles between mark and 1C4.

Mark’s mono had several criticals in the battles.
Mark’s dinos did not miss any stuns.
1C4 should have switched to low HP Allosinosaurus because apparently mark was going to use stun rampage. (At 5:06)
1C4 missed one crucial stun (at 6:47)
I don’t understand the last battle. 1C4 wasn’t even trying to attack faster than mark. Maybe because he knew he was losing?

Overall, 1C4’s dinos didn’t have speed and HP advantage over mark.

Edit: 1C4 was the last to choose his dinos I guess? He probably didn’t have many options left.


Where can you watch it?

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YouTube marks in-game name and you can watch his videos of battles between 1C4 and practicekat

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We’ll have a massive video with the whole tournament after it’s over too. One person from every match is recording it. Sometimes both players.


Absolutely love the idea and i hope that something similar will come from the devs in form of different kind of tournaments, with level and/or rarity restrictions…it could be very healthy for the game!! I will propose something similar to my alliance. Random draft order, right?

Looking to form partnership with other alliance leader

We are trying to coordinate with at least 8 alliances . Winner of each alliance will compete with other winners for The Ultimate Battle.

ApexPredators is trying to coordinate this with metahub. But we can start with interested alliances as soon as we can. As of now, Pokefodder Alliances has confirmed interest and I’m helping them with their draft. For interested alliances you can DM me. Criteria is at least 8 active players for each alliance to start the draft battle.


We are still looking for more alliances to join this unofficial Tournament .


2 more alliances- come join us in the Friendly Draft League. Its a lot of fun and stress-free. Reach out to @Legomin1314 to get started.