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Friendly group battles

Suggestion to @Ludia_Developers to implement a friendly group battle. Same concept as the raids but in friendly mode. Make it teams of two or three versus either friends or an A.I. team of similar strength. All creatures level 26, no boosts. I think this would be beneficial in preparing for raids and since most players enjoy the team concept of raids over just individual PvP.


Yes I too think it’s a good suggestion. And I love that concept bro. It’s awesome battling in groups and friendly group battles would be more great and fun.

Sometimes we’re already having some issues in friendly even if it’s only 1v1

So I let you imagine how it’d be hard to get a group battle

I’ll agree there’s nothing absolutely perfect to the game, even in 1v1 friendly battles. But as far as friendly group battles, it’s to our benefit to have them It would be a great learning tool for when the actual raids happen. There’s certain creatures with specific group moves that could be beneficial in raids that if you don’t know how to use them then the raid is that much more difficult. Plus I still like group battles over 1v1 battles anytime.