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Friendly Reminder to Open your Allaince Rewards before Tomorrow!

If you’re in a Alliance that saves their Rewards to open at later stages of the next Allaince Rewards, you might want to open them before the update tomorrow. We don’t want to go through what happened last time an update dropped and we couldn’t open Exploration’s Incubator.


oh yeah, that was a pain last time. Thanks for the reminder!


I really hope that doesn’t happen. I tend to open mine on Wed/Thursday.

No problem, I hope I can lessen the load on support if it does happen again.

My Allaince isn’t going to risk it. We’ll just deal with the slower lead on Exploration. We do well on it anyways

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Yep! Had it happen to me once. I got nada.

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That sucks. Ours eventually were able to be opened, but I’d rather avoid any problems at all.