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Friends adding glitch

One day I saw, that everyone of my friends have 0 trophies(it’s not real number) in friends section. Number of my friends is still changing, once I had 102, 2 seconds later 82, second later 94… I don’t see recently fighting section, add a friend button, and nothing happens when I click accept button on a friend request. It’s very annoying, and it stops my progress.
It had started about one week ago, and hadn’t ended yet. I am using Samsung Galaxy A40 2019.
Restarting the game doesn’t change anything. How can I repair it? I will add some screens ASAP.

I’m sorry to hear that is happening, spino3322. Could you please try reducing the number of friends on your friend list to under 50 and see if that helps?

Ok. I will try. Thank you for help.

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I have removed some friends and it helped. Now everything works. Thank you.

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That’s great, spino3322! Thanks for letting me know it helped. :smiley: