Friends and alliances

They will implement it in Jurassic World Alive, and that is very much appreciated, but it would be great if they implemented it in their predecessor, Jurassic World The Game. A new feature that allows you to add friends, either from Facebook or through a google account, although it would be more convenient and faster through Facebook friends, in which you can:
- Challenge them to a battle in real time (either leveling all the dinosaurs to 40 to have a better balance, or with their respective levels)
- Did you run out of resources? To ask for a little help from your friends by requesting food, coins, DNA or tickets.
- To create, as in JW Alive, alliances with your friends, put your own logo and battle to be the best alliance of the game and compete in alliance and / or tournament battles.

Jurassic World The Game has a lot of potential, it just needs to be exploited to be one of the best in the Google Play, App Store, etc …