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Friends are "Guest"


Dunno if this is happening to anyone else, but last night and into this morning I noticed that both of the friends I battled last night keep displaying as “Guest”. When I remove one, the other correctly displays. This is very annoying because it has their teams, but nothing else and keeps confusing me.

Can we fix this please?


Same thing has happened to me.


They return to names after couple minutes on mine


It’s still not good that it happens though. This can be super confusing to new players.


Yeah still happening to me as well.


Hey Angela_Flynn, thanks for reporting this to us. Contact our support team with more information and any screenshots you might have so they can take a closer look at this. Our team can be reached at, and remember to include your support key in the email as well.


Okay, message sent. Has the same name as the thread and has screenshots.