Friends battle rewards

I think it’d be really a great gift for your fans to implement a rewards system for the friend battles. Like coins, and green hard cash. Or special tokens. With a daily limit, but being able to collect cash or tokens towards buying an incubator would be another reason for cash-strapped people to spend an hour or two in-game, while at home between their adventures on the road.

I wish you got dino coins for battling friends, wouldn’t have to be much but a little something would make it more worth while battling friends. Right now its a pretty useless feature in my opinion. Could be cool to trade dino dna too between friends


The trouble is you would get peeps setting up a second account, battling themselves and earning silly money.


Hope this won’t be implemented, sorry. There is already plenty of tricks for the people to cheat, please don’t give them another one.

You can still earn coins from arena fightings, even if your incubators are full, until the daily coin cap limit.
Friendly battles are here to have some fun, not to earn something except more knowledge on people strategies and so on, and having a laugh or two, of course with this forum open, seen that there is not yet the possibility to chat in the app (this is a feature that needs to be implemented soon, I mean not being able to receive spam messages from all, just unlocking the conversations with friends, so if somebody put spam on the chat, you can avoid this just deleting his as friend).

Hmm that’s true, didnt think of that.