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Friends list: 'Busy' icons


I feel really bad turning down friendly battles, and not being able to give a reason why. I’ve seen an icon that suggests someone is busy, but what about more icons?

For example: Darting a dino? Picture of a dart. Using a scent? Picture of a scent. Just something to let people know that we aren’t really able to battle or talk at that time.

Or on a similar suggestion: let us display our online status.

Do not disturb during scents

That is a good idea, espacially with friends outside the Alliance.


This would be really great. I don’t like it when I’m running a scent and get a friendly battle request. I normally don’t decline but if it’s something like an epic scent or I am rushing to an epic spawn I just decline or ignore the battle request. Still, would be nice to have this feature so you don’t have to face friendly challenges while occupied with something else.


I’ve thought the same thing. Something with different status options would be ideal, such as darts to show we’re hunting (as you suggested) and the 3 claw marks for arena battles. Apart from that, a simple green dot for “available” and a red one for “busy”. It doesn’t have to be really specific, using a scent is part of hunting so the darts icon would be informative enough.


The green dot turns into a red dash when battling. It could turn red when doing a scent or having the option to hit it. Something would definately be nice.


Agree, and also some kind of communication (maybe short phrases or emojis) with our arena battle opponents… I would have loved to send my recent opponent, who smashed two of my dinos with Draco2, a “gg” message :innocent:


I always curse my opponent who use Draco G2 :stuck_out_tongue: