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Friends list LOADING

Anyone else getting the issue of their friends list showing all names as LOADING… meaning you can’t identify who they are by looking at them?

I experienced this when I was trying to invite friends to raids earlier this week and now I’m getting it again, the entire list is full of LOADING…

The bugs in this game since 2.0 are becoming infuriating.

It’s the usual overload on the operating system @GPx
I’ve said this over and over, the game is getting bigger and bigger and this causes the issues.
Like yourself, I get this glitch now whereas it was fine when I only had 30 or so friends. Now it’s almost the max and it just keeps saying loading when I want to invite friends into a raid.

Yeah I did wonder if the number of friends was part of the problem. I have 96 friends now but before raids I didn’t have anywhere near as many.

I may drop some if Ludia don’t optimise their game better.