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Friends LOADING..., Raid Invites and Accepting a single FR all broken

Friends LOADING…,
For those of us with a lot of friends (88) the screen showing them is nearly always stuck on loading. It adds significant time and frustration to raiding with new people.

Raid Invites
How is it that you apparently cache the alliance name but not the username?

Accepting a single FR:
Recently a FR was stuck until I gave up and deleted it. I received another one today and it did finally accept after about a dozen attempts to Accept it.

Please fix this part of the game.

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Hi there DNACollector! Thanks for the report and I’m sorry to hear this is happening. Would it be possible to reduce your number of friends to under 50? This typically helps with the loading issue.

Hi Davy,

I will make an attempt to reduce the number to see the impact, but doing this will be difficult.

I use my friend list to do apex raid battles with a lot of different groups of individuals. It is not the same list of players from week to week. It is a bothersome having to re-ask people to friend me.

I don’t use my alliance for apex raid help as most are low-level players. I encourage new players to join my alliance so it is not loaded with high level players.

Either please keep this fix as a high priority with the development team or drop the friend limit number to 50, if that is all you can actually support. That would be preferable to making users set an artificial limit.

I will make an attempt to get below 50 friends and I will report back as to the impact your suggestion has.

Thank you,

It didn’t work, I cut down my friends list to about 45 and it still doesn’t load correctly half the time

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Huh i thought i was the only one with this issue. Hope they fix it cuz i have to send blind invites to people when I’m trying to specifically coordinate with a group of individuals.

Hmm it has been working for me, I am inching back up again at 54 and still working