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Our Alliance (Raptor Party) is having issues with sending and receiving Friends Request. As well as sending and receiving Friendly Challenges.

I personally can’t add any new members to my friends list. Please note that I keep only the members of my team on my list. Since I am the Leader/Capt. This is a HUGE deal with our meeting our team missions each week.

My team, TerraAustralis, is also having this issue. Friend requests and friendly challenges are not working.
It’s making it much harder to get to T4 in defence for us.

It is making it hard for us too. I can’t even add the new team members to my friends list. The new members want to help with the friendly challenges but are unable to due to the glitch. I hope Ludia corrects the problem soon.

Hey PeachiePie247, if you haven’t already, could you contact our support team here at with your support key? Thanks!