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Friendship Gifting

I’ve came up with an idea that may be of interest to those who have extreme amounts of dna of dinos they no longer need. They would be able to gift this data to those on their friends lists that are non alliance but in return gain coin just as you would in donating dna via Alliance requests.
Limits would have to be set so no one with a new fresh account can take advantage of the perk all players must be a minimum level of 10 and have been friends with that person for at least 24hrs.
DNA limits
They would be similar to those in alliance requests only difference is that epic dna can be acquired via this way.
DNA per 24 hour period
Epic dna 500
Rare dna 1500
Common DNA 4000
So basically in a 24 hour period you can request from many friends as you wish but once you reach the cap of the numbers above it will cancel out their request and can be done when it is reset.


perfect and well balanced! yes! they NEED to add this into the game!

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Mmmmmm yeah but first they would need to even consider allowing to request epic dna witching an ALLIANCE


I think this would make farming DNA via multiple accounts waay easier

Tryko fiping just became 2000% easier lol