From 5 Stars to 1 Stars Review

I figured if they ignore and sensor us here the best way to get the word out is through the Apple and GooglePlay store reviews.

My 5 stars rating of this game have changed from a 5 stars to a 1 stars review. You all should do the same and give them whatever you think they deserve. Maybe then someone higher up in the company will wake up and do something about it.


Rated with an honest description

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I have done the same thing, 1 star in the google store with an explanation. It breaks my heart as I enjoy this game, but the last update scorn the players and subscribers…

I changed mine to a 1 the other day as well. I hate it because I used to love this game.

Yes, it’s one way that sort of guarantees a response. Will do.

I changed my 5-star review to a 1-star review.

Very unfortunate that the development team has taken the game down the wrong path. I like many others am tired of playing a game riddled with bugs but that is not what really upsets me.

The introduction of the “gift box” and the decrease in dragon scales, energy and runes is what really has me upset. The “gift box” is just an underhanded way to serve up advertisements.

Ludia is intentionally creating a scarce resource to entice people to pay more money. Cutting in half the number of dragon scales from Flight Club Chests and Alpha Chests is a really lousy thing to do. Especially, when so many players have been complaining for months about the limited availability of scales. It is very unfair to force players to waste runes or pay money for dragon scales.