From bad to worst

spawn is really GOOD XX


Ah, good old Majunga. Got to love them.

Sad days for hunting when you are stuck inside and can’t go to different spawn zones.

Where I’m at, we have a stay at home order but we can go out walking or biking or dog walking for exercise. I just got back from riding just over 11 miles. It was amazing how many people were out side walking, riding, with kids, walking dogs.

It’s only 54° out today. There were more people out side than in the summer on warm summer days.

Everyone was maintaining distance from each other but I was just amazed because I’m not use to seeing so many out side.

You are less likely to get infected when outside in fresh circulating air than indoors with recirculated air.

Good time to exercise and build up an immunity.

Here in Singapore, its life as usual in the parks. People running or doing yoga. Outside parks its a lot different. A lot of fear and the Gahmen is slowly lock down the nation service by service.

The spawn was always bad. Even when you used epic scents. Maybe 5 epics and maybe 1 or 2 would be top notch the rest would be Bary or the local outcast Epic.

The solution is to open the Giga scent and look periodically to see what is around you while working, exercising or do other stuff.

There was another Apatosaurus offscreen to the right 50 meters away.


Probably the luckiest people are those whose houses are exactly at the intersection between zones. They have critters from every zone (even weirder if they happen to have a park or playground nearby too).

I’ve been pretty lucky in giga scenting, netted me epics, rares and the newer dinos. Yesterday abt 3 to 4 dimetrodons spawned during the 3hrs scent. Couldn’t have been happier.

Also: UV light scrambles the DNA of bacterium so that it’s unable to reproduce. Bright, sunny days are safer than cloudy days.

Vitamin D, which your body synthesizes when it absorbs sunlight, might also increase your resistance.

Bottom line: Getting outside is good for you, just practice safe distances.

cries in army patrolling streets

Also, covid’s a virus (rather a disease caused by one) so sunlight might not be much help. It invaded Africa too.