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From boost 1.0 to 2.0 — Is this a win or lose?


Today boosting goes from version 1.0 to 2.0

The amount of boost have been relocated and the system itself have shifted.

Who is the winner and loser of this change?

Can your NEW boosts take your team back to where is was before the reset?

What are the pros and cons of this NEW era?

I cant get back to where i was, but there was a decrease in the power scale, so it’s not all bad.

I absolutely LOVE that this is going to scale everything back and slow everything down. There will be a lot of complaining the next 2 weeks but this will help restore balance


You think the difference between boosting and non-boosting won’t be that high?

Because of the new prices?

I’ve played 2 battles so far without using boosts and the 2 i played against had rushed and boosted their dinos. Their loss when they may realise the mistakes they’ve made just rushing with boosts.

You feel that’s okay?
No angry feelings?

Wow! That was fast!
Haven’t even started to think about that :pray:

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Blood effects on Spix rampage caught me by surprise.


I may hold off on boosting, but only if my opponent a do the same😝

Chances are your opponents won’t hold off because most people wont think it through properly before applying boosts.


Seems the “multiplier” Ludia spoke of was less than 2x. NO ONE will be able to get their teams anywhere near where they were before. I personally feared this and felt this is what would happen. I could care less but this isn’t fair from any stand point. You have 0 potential to get your dinos that you had back to where they were. If you’re lucky you can get 3 dinos back up to where they were but the community lost with this. Your prior boosts hold about 1/3 of their value now. Good luck everyone.


I have fought completely nonboosted teams with my previously non-boosted part of the team… and somehow I could not win once vs people. O_o

I cant get back to where i was before. Why mess with the boost? That was a horrible update


Why are people expecting to get their dinos back to where they were before? If we could do that what would be the point ion Boosts 2.0?


That’s sad. Maybe I’ll just go into the arena without boosts anyway, but most probably only for a while

No. Not at all. The previous iteration of boost had a power scale that was to close together. This one spreads it out more. Should make for a more enjoyable game.

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Super Thor’s and rats, that’s why

Just played a 100% non boosted battle in library. It was great.


I’m kinda envious :joy:. But seriously, please give us a full description of the battle


Do you think the game will be fine without boosts?