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From boost 1.0 to 2.0 — Is this a win or lose?

So less than 2x… like i said.

I think this is another phase in the journey. Ludia’s still trying to find a good way to implement boosts. Maybe they’ve found it. As far as I’m concerned, if there are many people saying they don’t like the current system, that’s a free pass to change it up some. Looks to me like this new system has a lot that people said they wanted. You can still boost no matter how long you played the game, levels still matter, and boosts no longer make a dinosaur mostly on their own. I’m sure people will find more grievances. The new speed competition is likely to make my head spin. I don’t expect the new system to be permanent… Just one step closer to the final product. Ludia may mess up sometimes, but that’s because they keep moving. If you ask me, the game has come a long way over the last year in quite a few ways I like!

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Is there no weekly boost limit ?

Based on what I read. There will be more.boosts being given free so the poor in any case are being paid more for the same work. We have to see over weeks what else drops boosts. Seems supply drops and 15 min incubators drop boosts.

Prices might have increased but it’s due to more money being injected into the economy.

I could be wrong and Ludia forgets to add the extra boosts as they forgot to make 1.10 a better update than 1.9.

So far my team is no where near as powerful as my old team, but that doesn’t seem to matter because neither is anyone else’s.
I got all my wasted boosts back from bad choices… I’m seeing this as a MASSIVE win so far.


I spent money and spend time in other games for the boosts. I feel like a fool… I won’t play this game again. :-1::-1::-1::-1::rage::rage::rage:


You can turn off the new effects??? Great news, thank you! It’s a little too much splatter for my taste🤢

After a few battles I will say:

Battles are back :pray:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It takes more time, more effort, skills and knowing how to play your team.

I’m so far VERY happy!


I can’t compare so soon after, but I know we won’t get to where we were right away. I think this was more well-thoght out though.

I had the opposite. My newly NON-boosted was slaughtered twice by boosted Thors and Rats which were minimal lvl 26 when the highest level I had are 24.

But you know what? I’m going to stick to not boosting anything. I don’t care if I drop down to rock bottom.

This still doesn’t resolve boosts as being an issue. They destroy balance. 1/3 of the dinos just became completely irrelevant (speedsters), dracocera is still a thing, and the bugs are still abundant. Also don’t forget the poor matchmaking.


I started this topic 24 April and said the boosts was to powerful.

After that tons of players have enjoyed the fast improvements of their teams. To many was hocked under the boost-slaying-meta.

Now. Atleast. We have a game where we could enjoy hunting dinos and evolving our team with consciousness.

I do anyhow feel very sorry for all players who have bought tons of boost and feeling bad about the converting from 1.0 to 2.0

Those of us, more or less free players, haven’t found this transition so problematic.

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Haven’t encountered a 1700dmg rat yet?
I’m not enjoying this a single bit so far.

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Not so far mate.

My team is build with more armour and revenge dinos.

Playing at 5300.

Well I even health boosted some of my speedsters but they are being one shot by erlidoms.

I see.

Hmm… Atm I haven’t started to use any boosts.
I do anyhow consider to use them on more tanks then speedsters.

That might be wise. I think this is not a speed meta anymore… :frowning:

I did liKe

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