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From fury

Dear ludia I followed u at Instagram so does that mean we unlock the reward at 5000?

Which 5000? Which reward?


It’s this Instagram thing I got in my game

…And so?..


It said if we get to 5000 something followers we get a reward

If they get 5K more followers on Instagram in the given time, you get the reward. If they don’t, then it doesn’t unlock the reward.


Lol ofc I know that

Then why would you want to make a Thread and ask a question which you know the answer to?


Idk I’m just a robloxian

Just a suggestion, for simple questions there isn’t a need to make a Thread. And when a Thread is made, it would be better to give a relavant Thread name that suits the message to be conveyed.

Especially when you already know the answer to said question.

The question can be asked on the Forum’s Weekly Schedule Threads or could be checked in some of the older Threads by entering in keywords in the Search Bar and looking for the needed answer. If you don’t find the answer we are here for help.


K thx jurassic_fury

At least you’ve learned how to create a topic, that’s a plus. :raised_hands:


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