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Frost silver mine

The knew event is much nice. Thank yew

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Very fun! But do not start Forestfall Fen when you haven’t finished this – I did and my Mine event got stuck and support couldn’t help me :’(

It would be great if you shouldn’t have to jump back and forth all the time from path to the track, even if failing.

Difficulty is scaled to party level, rewards are not unfortunately. Not worth it for me.


I did all of fen first now I can’t do frost silver mine

Hi Xtian929 and @Zengartor could you provide more details about getting stuck? Maybe include a screenshot? Also, can you make sure you have Shevarith in your party she is required to enter the Return to Frostsilver Mines event.

Let me try adding Shev thanks

Adding She. Did the trick


Why scale the monsters but not the rewards, exp, or gold?

I know this is supposed to be leveled to party level, but has anyone else been facing level 40+ monsters?

Lol, Shevarith was missing, adding her did the trick :smiley: Thanks Keith! Some kind of indication for character missing would be nice, otherwise that’s quite confusing.

The first monster was lvl 41. No chance to beat it expect with kill etc, which is stupid. Who comes up with these ideas?

Edit. It was lvl 44. Strikes for over 140000 damage max.

It seems that I’m one of the few that thought the rewards were scaled appropriately for the effort. My toons are L15-16 and it was very manageable with only a few chapters needing replay. At least three secret rooms and a good number of epic cards.

It would have been nice if the so had scaled too.

I meant to say it would have been nice if the XP scaled too.

It says required hero Shevarith and shows her picture. Pretty straightforward.

Understandable that an embarrassing misque would cause you to look for someone to blame, but this is not a failure of the game.

Love new content. Keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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I sent a message to support regarding this and all they had to say was that it was working as intended. The difficulty was made like this to encourage ‘strategy, and swapping out gear’.
How they expect any strategy or gear to help lvl 16 characters in this circumstance is beyond me.
And it was the first monster for me as well.

For me, it was stuck in situation before claiming my +gold grimoire reward, so I don’t think it was that obvious. Challenges show text “Add Shevarith” if the requisite isn’t needed, as in that view you might not remember you changed your team. That’s an usability issue; not a critical one but in some situations can cause confusion (and it’s getting the text soon I believe).

One account is max level 11 chars - room 1 starts off at level 14 mobs.
Other account is max level 15 - room 1 starts off at level 18 mobs.

How does this count as scaling to party level?

Apparently it is not your character levels. Rather the scaling is based off your renown level.

Uggh really? What a joke. So I guess in order to play the way the devs believe it should be done, only 4 characters should be levelled up and the rest should be left at level 1. Because keeping all your characters at the same level puts you in a position where you can not actually succeed at any of the adventures when they scale them.

If that is the way they view it then they should adjust renown gain based on the new level of the character instead of giving it a 1/x regardless if the character went from level 1 to level 2 or from level 20 to level 21.

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