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Frozed board bug is still happening

I used an energy to fight the the alpha today and just in the 18th turn, the board froze,ludia said they fixed this bug but it certainly doesn’t seem that way,so it has to be fixed for real in the upcoming update, because it effects the gameplay.

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It could be that there’s several causes behind this board freeze bug? Because I used to get it so often I had to quit playing exploration until it was taken care of, and I havn’t seen hide nor hair of the bug since they claimed they fixed it. Which, on my end, it seems they have, as everything runs smooth for me now. So I’m not entirely certain why it might not be fixed for others, as it clearly is still happening to a good handful of players.

Are you an iOS user? If so, perhaps the root cause has yet to be ascertained for the iOS build. Or they thought they found and fixed it, but it still persists.

@Mysterious,no I’m not an iOS user, and I encountered this bug in many many other stages before (stromfly’s event, 6th stage of the fish quest repeatable quest… Etc).

So I did a bit more research into this and apparently mine is an outdated mindset. You still can have separate builds for iOS/Android, but it’s no longer commonplace, I believe? There’s cross platform mobile app development tools. I just don’t know which one Ludia takes favor in, or if it changes depending on the game. When it comes to gaming, my knowledge is mostly based in consoles and computers, and whatever else happens to come my way. The fault is my own, technology evolves at a rapid pace and I should have read up before speaking.

Still not certain as to why you’re still having problems. I would perhaps contact support if you havn’t already, though I assume you have. Perhaps it has to do with your phone (nothing accusatory, but the make/model, RAM remaining, etc. That seems to be a standard go to for support)? That’s a shot in the dark, though, and one I’m not very confident in, as other people are having similar issues.

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Hey itami, thanks for letting us know. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key along with the details on which stage this happened on? Thanks!

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OK I will, thanks.

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