Frozen at the end of battles

I finish the battle and win, but then I’m frozen in the arena. This issue has happened to me twice today. Anyone else?

I’m now stuck more than usual. Battle won’t end, killing the game and restarting is bringing me back to the stuck battle. :confused:
How is it that this game gets worse with time rather than better?
@ned help please?
Screenshot_20200418-174804_Warriors Screenshot_20200418-174952_Warriors Screenshot_20200418-175001_Warriors

Me too at completion if battle. Since last update, issues

Removed and reinstalled game too… no help.

These connectivity issues are unfortunate. Similar concerns are also being discussed in the following thread.

Miss turn in Battles 90% of the time

I’m sorry that happened with your battle, ment, and our team has been made aware of the connection issues being reported from players.

In the meantime, could I ask you to please reach out to our support team here at with your support key if you’re still having issues with your battles getting stuck?