Frozen game losses


It happens to me on a daily basis my screen freezes during battle and I’m looking at my first dinosaur and my opponents dinosaur I cannot swap select an attack do anything I have been beat down from just under 4,000 points down to 3500 in a matter of 3 days I’ve only had like three battles I’ve even been able to complete its one loss after another this is extremely discouraging makes me never want to play this game again I’ve had the screen timeout like so many other players and when I relaunch I’ve lost and I know odds are odds sometimes they’re in your favor sometimes they’re not but when I go against a level 15 categories and I pull out my level 20 and he beats me down and nothing flat so I grab my indominus and he takes it out and two turns while I’m inflicting hardly any damage and then he wipes out my level 20 post Dimetrodon what the hell


When the game freezes as fast as you can force close and reopen the app and you will be back where you left off! This method works for almost all battle related issues


Where did all of my attack options go???

Happens all too often and much more frequently than what should be acceptable (for a paid service no less)
Instead of marketing a tournament, how about you fix what’s broken first Ludia.