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Frozen - not the movie

In my first challenge since the update, the game freezes on Room 7. No one does anything but sit there. The occasional reload will allow me one move before it freezes again, but usually the reload does nothing. Anyone else experiencing this?

I eventually gave up, lost the raid and any gear I might have obtained, I’ll try a new challenge but if the same thing happens…

I’m sorry that happened, supercolin123. Could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can make this right for you?


Yup same here and even though got nothing for my trouble it counted it as XP which wasted the spell book.

I got stuck on loading during the Draft. Tried to reload game, but got back in only to disconnect again before I got back in to the battle. Tried reloading again. Pinged different routers, tried again. Again.

There’s a point here I promise lols. Turned out there was a problem with my internet connection or provider. I reset my router. Got good ping and reentered the game. The battle loaded. I had lost, but I didn’t lose a ticket.

That hopefully is not a fluke. Perhaps they can sometimes tell under certain circumstances that someone is certainly not trying to abuse the system? Once recently when I was stuck on loading, a reconnect button appeared over the battle itself and I was able to get back in immediately.

Anyway, there appear to be attempts to fix things.

I am surprised the connectivity issues has not been resolved yet. The pseudo-spyware included with the recent updates was supposed to provide them with the tools needed to identify the issue. This appears to have been futile. This has been frustrating for many players.

My suggestion remains unchanged. It would likely be favorable for the developer to revise some coding to either reduce or assuage the significant number of server hits. [for those unaware, this app did not initially require significant server hits - there was originally no guild trading or PvP.], and steps could be taken to limit the use of third party wares. These TOS restricts use of such apps and the developer would be wise to enforce it. [Note: They have not stopped players from using these apps, but will quickly suspended players from the forums who disclose the name of such software. :roll_eyes:]