Quite often when I try to go to battle, I freeze and cannot do anything and the game crashes. Then sometimes it freezes at the loading screen to get into the game.

I feel I get an unfair advantage when this happens when I battle because every time I get back into the game, it says I won…

That’s not fair and it’s not fun. I want to battle to battle. Win or lose. I like watching my dinos kill other dinos and like crying (not really, don’t take it seriously) when they die. I like creating little strategies on how to win by putting my velociraptor first and watching her tear a dino up quickly and then swap to another one because she can’t take more than one hit, usually. Or seeing my ouranosaurus take out 3 dinosaurs all by herself because she is a legend.

Is it a connection issue? I tried both on WIFI and without internet access (using my data).

Sorry for rambling but I do like to talk about my creatures. :3


When it freezes, close out the app as fast as possible, then force stop the app. Wait a few minutes, then reload the app. This usually works for me.


Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks!


Eh, that only works for one time and then it is back to freezing and I have to do the force stop again. :frowning:


Hey Velocity, your game could be freezing because of a memory issue, try closing any background apps you are not using while playing the game and see if that helps. Clearing the cache could also help the game run more smoothly but make sure that your game is backed up onto a Facebook or Google Play store account before doing so.
If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team with your support key here at