I used to get frustrated at this game when I’d lose a bunch of battles. I began making a rule that if I lose 3 in a row I stop - it’s been great! How do you deal with frustration?


I battle like once a week or so. I’m more of a collector than competitive player.

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Funny you say this, I just came to a similar conclusion… I should never allow myself to lose 5 or 6 in a row, it’s just too discouraging and makes it difficult climb back up. So I told myself I’ll try something new… stop after 2 or 3 losses. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet due to work, but will report back when I do.

I think many times we defeat ourselves because we become discouraged and desperate… making poor decisions or just giving up.

I think you’re onto something :smile:


My thing is I literally do not care about trophy count. I just want to be able to keep my incubators running.

I’m getting frustrated with matchmaking because it takes at least a half-hour to fill up my slots for most of the day, because I’ve found the bottom of the tournament try-hards and basically am just outmatched in player and dino level by an average of 1-3 in player level, and 2-5 in dinosaur level.

I’m not exactly sure how to not be frustrated, other than figuring out if there’s a way to actually make Ludia listen to the players, and not just what’s in their players wallets.


My experience also tells me that after two or three consecutive defeats the best thing I can do is stop for a least an hour. It is usual that when I return to fight, probably because there has been some type of reclassification, I face teams weaker than the previous ones and I can win. Anyway, my experience from the first day until now is that my number of victories should be a little over 50%, which is expected. In fact, I understand that everyone wins about 50% of the battles because if it were not like that, it would hardly go up in the ranking from scratch even if the victories added slightly more than the defeats remain.

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Hahaha…I am even not battling anymore but will only start again tomorrow. The only incubators I am getting these days are the free 5 hour ones but the oh-so-generous $2/$3 cash helps.


The “3 in a row / quit” rule is a good one - allows the pool of combatants to change and reduces your blood pressure. I also tend to quit immediately if I get completely outclassed by the matchmaking.


Well in order to relax while in the midst of a losing streak I find the best remedy to scream every profanity under the sun to the point where the neighbours consider calling the police, then follow that up by pelting my phone at the nearest wall.

Hahaha j/k, id never throw my phone at the wall O_o

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I’ve come very close … :rage:


It’s best to not care at all. Other than the time it takes to get what I am after, nothing about battling bothers me. I have zero expectations of some silly trophy count or minuscule prize at the end. Last night I did a battle and got an epic incubator. I didn’t want to use it just yet so I fought through gaining 5 more incubators to get an 8h before I went to bed. Doing so knocked me down enough trophies to be out of the t500 I happened to notice. That didn’t frustrate me, it made me laugh. Got my 8h and passed out. No biggie either way in the end.

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i put my head down and keep working till i get my eight hour for the night… i may end up at the same trophy level that ive always been at but that irritator dna is much needed yet lol and i still am getting ranked in the tourney.

i stop playing once i lose 2 in a row. i tend to only battle in the mornings. i find i lose a lot more if i play in the middle of the day. i refuse to get knocked back to sorna marshes for the 37th time!

If course you would not throw your phone at a wall! It still might work and you will be back! When I want to do it I will tie the phone to a cinder block and drop it in the ocean!

Funny thing is I have been preaching this for months now but when the game allows you to get close to a goal it’s really hard for me to practice what I preach!

A little over a week ago the game allowed me to get to 4289 but than the bouncing ball :basketball: begins!

Now it torturously allows me to hover around 4100-4169! Never higher! But always lower yesterday afternoon 4009 now back to 4139!

I will until the day I die will 1000% believe it is by design in the tournament! Same exact thing happened last tournament prompting my Herding thread!

If it’s not by design than explain to me why after the tournament I am able to climb normally.

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Mainly due to the fact that many people wait till now to actually climb in the tournament. Teams that held themselves back at just above the 4000 mark for arena 8 incubators but easy fast wins will now climb hard to go as high as they can. The last week is typically harder than the first for mid level teams that are on the cusp of making it in. I stayed 4800-4900 the whole time. Now I’m being knocked down to 4500’s. It is what it is. And honestly the rewards are definitley not worth the heartburn. There are only two things that a person should get frustrated by. One.) the time it takes to find matches. Two.) the lack of migration that is literally causing tremendous gaps of disparity between players in different zones. Yes some players have more time to hunt than others. But those who have been stuck in zone 3 who don’t have all day to hunt are seriously set back from those who are in the other zones. Causes frustration when you face dino that you have zero chance to get constantly and those dino just decimated your team. But in the end it’s just a game so I still don’t really care about that either. Just jealous that I can’t utilize them on my team too haha.

I cope by leveling silly stuff and throwing it in just so they get confused in battle. Leveled irritator gen 2 up to 20 and put it on my team just to know I was making people sit back and wonder, “why would someone do that?” Hahahaha


John you are sooo right pardner! (Threw that in cause of your name! :wink: )

I have to figure I probably won’t get to the 4250 to get the crappy incubator so I should just battle to fill incubator spots! However I have a 12 and 2 8hr incubator in reserve just in case I manage it by Saturday

Lately I have to say to myself that I probably will lose every time I start a battle that way if I win I am happy and if I lose I prepared myself!

I hate being a pessimist but this game brings out the pessimist in all of us!

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Ha ha, some of these made me laugh!
“Throw my phone at the wall”

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Laugh. X-D

Never take the game too seriously - it’s just a casual game anyway

Never make winning battles or number of trophies a goal - just enjoy some casual battling

Never pay money into the game - you’ll get elevated to a higher level than your team is prepared to meet.

Don’t fret when you lose - it’s probably better that you stay battling people around your own level/team capability anyway.

At the end of the day it’s just a game, there are plenty of cool games out there too - so take a break go play Jurassic World: Evolution or whatever floats your boat.


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As much as I would like to climb further up the Arena ladder, I just focus on winning a few to get the free incubators. Free DNA is worth the occasional frustration.

I couldn’t agree more… L3 is the worst zone to live in, and if I see another diplocaulus spawn I might just scream!

Ludia, please rotate local zones so everyone has a chance to dart some useful dinos.