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Frustrating Matches

Shout out to FuntimeBryan. That was a good match. I just got lucky on a stun.

But Why? IDK if the new matchmaking algorithm took effect yet. If not, this is awful.

The allo, purutaurus, DC, and indom.

Rough match. Kinda want to do it again tho.
Anybody else get rough match ups like this?

They’ve got a level 29 along with a level 18 on the team to “balance it out” and then take advantage of players that don’t have a 130 speed dino that has 2798 attack and 7428 HP. In my mind, that’s a cheap way to compete.


This is the result of trophy matchmaking. It’s meant to help them go up and push the lowers down. Team strength only counts for 33 percent of formula now so you cant blame it on strength. Blame it on the fact that they were close to you in trophies at the time. Welcome to the time when arena droppers ruled. Hopefully it will stabilize but I don’t see that for at least 2 months

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I’m ok with trophy based matchmaking. Once everyone balances out to where they “should” be, matches will be a bit more fair. This was more along the lines of “the heck?” I won by pure luck. I had to throw 2.5 dinos at that allo to bring it down. After the initial frustration of getting this match wore off, it was actually kind of fun.

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