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Frustrating Tournament

Hello everyone, with all the glitching and connectivity issues we all seem to be having, getting kicked out of matches, losing trophies we shouldn’t be losing, how is it that the same players are still at the top of the tournament? MarktheShark for example, already is now at the top with over 2250 trophies, how? The only rewards the tournament offers is hard cash. The vast majority of players or the average player cannot afford to drop thousands to get that much hard cash consistently. This gave me hope that those at the bottom could have the chance of making it in the top 50 or higher.
The Apex players already probably are sitting with at least 40K hard cash, why the need to have more and not give others a chance?
It would have been nice to compete in a tournament where you can remain competitive without having to pause life and just play continuously non stop.
End rant/frustration. Coming from a 5,300 trophy count player.
Other than that, I love the game, I just dont believe it’s fair.


I got disconnected like 16 times in a row and afterwards 10 lost battles; and now I’M BACK AT 0!!!


It’s been like that for me too man. I get your frustration

Have no idea how he has done that many battles. I have spent more time resetting app, waiting for an opponent and battling a team with no one playing it. Was ranked 41st. Cant play steady for the whole tournament so no chance. Don’t play for a bit. Fall back into the thousands.


Although I agree something seems off about them not having the issues we are you cant blame them for competing. Theyre clearly putting way more time in than you or me so… Its not really a “skill tourney” so much as a grind tourney


Screenshot_20190503-184937_JW%20Alive amen to that and it is both arenas not just this one…


Of course ApexPredators dominate the leaderboard after threatening to sit out the tournament…meanwhile my matches get timed out in the middle of a match and 5 minutes later it says I lost and I lose trophies. This update has been awful, by far the worst they’ve rolled out.


Exactly. We want a chance too. To be able to get that much hard cash. I don’t get why the need to join the tournament when acquiring hard cash is not an issue for them. I’d understand if its an arena locked dino like bary gen 2 that they are offering up for grabs, but even then some have level 29/30 Erlikospyx. Point is, it’s selfish if you ask me.
It’s not a skilled tournament.


I also dont get why my comments are being hidden or deleted. Im not saying anything to deserve that.

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I don’t think it’s fair either. It’s a bit ridiculous that the same people are consistently at the very top. I mean, don’t they have freaking jobs to go to?!

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Don’t you know what the a stands for in JWA??

Yeah, it’s a bit sketchy that the exact same people got that many trophies in less than a day when the whole system is so glitchy.


This didn’t get merged yet??
Has logic been destroyed??

I have 2k hard cash in my inventory. I, too, need said hard cash. Boosts cost a lot, yo!

Maybe it’s an indicator that the same people have proven to have more dedication :eyes:

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Yeah, 500 for 25, you can barely get a dino to tier 2 with that.

Tier 2? Those are some short sided goals friend, you gotta look at the big picture

Easy for you to say😉

It’s an indicator that some dont have much if a life. But we can all think as we please right? Some are actually dedicated but thats subjective. I actually play every day but there are things that impede me to play like work, friends, girlfriend. I cannot be on the phone playing every minute. It’s impossible.