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Frustrating Tournament

Lol good one xD

Why does it auto correct to “Lydia”


What’s the point of this tournament iff we can’t batlle and we lose all our trofees
I got disconnect 8 in every 10 tries
Not cool ludia not cool

Ludia charms beta testing with its legs lol

Well I for one just tried to play in the tournament for the first time and thought I might at least get to do some battles as the regular game battles since Monday’s update are next to impossible to get. Tournament the same, took 8 attempts to get a battle without timing out then just as I tapped my first creature to play.
YEP you guessed it, timed out.
LUDIA you really need to fix this BATTLE glitch problem. Deleting app and reloading hasn’t helped. Very frustrating as battles are a large part of the game.

Sergiosaurus, are you basically saying there’s no point to compete?

I haven’t had as many connection problems myself. I just see it as quite impossible to climb high enough for the big rewards. I’ll just wait till tonight and battle with a few drinks.

I love the assumptions people make about players with a higher rank lol.
“No life”
“They don’t need it”
How can anyone assume these things? You don’t know anything about the personal lives of these players.


We got some fan boys here lol ^


Good for you? Tbh I likely still have more going on in my life than you, but I’m fortunate to make my schedule flexible enough to work to my needs. But wear that badge of “busy man life” as a badge of honor :clap:t3:

They get lucky and are therefore are superior to noobs like me. Not much else to say.

Nah, I just understand how the game is for them at that level. I’m somewhere in the neighborhood, as well.

im sure you are.

Hilarious!! Tournament battle update.
Got in, presumably timed out. While I’m collecting supply drops get notice saying I lost the battle LOL who knew?

Apex predators always seem to sit at the top of every leader board.
Hey ho… My comments about that are kept to myself.

Ive beaten a couple of them today in the main battles and for me a humble lower player of aviary actully made me smile :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem

Repeatedly I have stumbled upon the expired departure message, I recently realized that I lost trophies for this. And to put the cherry on the cake the game has no idea how many trophies you have

I don’t see how anyone truly busy could get high up in this game. Unless playing and PAYING a lot, or actually has a lot of free time. Take it from me… work, wife, kids and just life. Only way to get that high up is to pay and ignore priorities if a person is truly busy. I don’t care though, probably helps ensure life in to this game. Good luck everyone. Oh well.


Please give us some details on how you’re able to get that many trophies that fast while everyone else is constantly disconnecting prior to or during battles. From not being seen on the leaderboards at all to being at the top with almost a 1k point lead. I won’t say you have no life, theres always time to game especially on a mobile but i myself find it extremely odd that you’re doing so well in such a short amount of time regardless of how well you play the game. This tournament puts everyone on an even playing field and i know people who have been battling since the tourney launched and you just completely zoomed by everyone with no hesitation. Its more for my curiosity as to how you’re actually completing and winning battles over the fact you’re winning (i could care less i just want to battle without disconnecting) money and boosts are no factor in this so anyone saying its because you spend so much doesn’t really have any justification to do so.


the one im wondering is that how did they get all level 30s even before this huge update or even the snt patrick event or other usefull event for that matter. incubators ? i doubt it. it gives random dna, not precise DNA to make the dino you want. i dont know what they did but i doubt is anything honest.

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Maybe they’re getting paid to play the game lol