Fukuimimus and his crew of bruisers

:memo:Hello JWA team that decide to make stupidly overpowered mid rarity creatures that out balance all the other creatures in that rarity leaving skill tournaments a mess​:memo:

I would like to politely ask for a complete balance on the following

Ankylodactylus - the flock with 3 life’s, armour, shield + evasion in the same move, distraction + evasion in the same move, precise rampage that slows and crazy immunitys and resistances

Fukuimimus - I wouldn’t like to spend more time on this creature as I have already spent about an hour of my life that I’ll never get back in the space of 2 days just watching this creature repetitively heal. You’ve never met boring until you run into Fukuimimus the dopey lookin…

Tarbognathus - flock… again instant dodge… High crit chance… crazy immunitys… heal heal heal, literally 1 foot tall lizards capable of taking down a mammoth hybridised with a prehistoric rhino🤦🏻‍♂️. Said this before, flocks should be cunning only and that’s it.

Thylaconyx - impact, dot, devour, shatters shields and armour in one move. Still not convinced it’s broken? How about a priority dodge + cleanse + damage increase 2T4A + crit increase​:man_shrugging:. Still not convinced! How about a defense shattering counter and swap in rend move for 40%:thinking:. Fine maybe maybe enough to convince on top of all that is immunity to stun, speed decrease and vulnerability + resistant to rend and dot

I could keep rambling on about these creatures and even more of them but what’s the point🤷‍♂️ I think I’ve said enough.

I’m not certain but I could bet a buck and two that every single person agrees with me when I say these new creatures that are added every update are extremely out of pocket and need to be caged and reworked
Maybe a lil bit of that mr crab fever eh ludia​:moneybag::money_with_wings:


Thylaconyx isn’t as broken as many others, Fukui is literally near impossible to take down. Tarbo at least has counters, but Fuki really doesn’t. I have run sim after sim after sim on fukui, and the only one that beats it h2h if it’s not already ahead on a healing spree is Thyla, but even then you have to time it correctly. If fukui is already using shelter speed you are in potential trouble. Fukui is the most broken creature I have ever seen within a rarity class, and that is saying a lot since I have been playing JWA for several years now. Fukui needs a desperate nerf - a rework to make it balanced but not to make it unusable. Take away the swap in distract, spread out the heals more, and give it slightly less hp. That will make it balanced.

Words of wisdom my friend💯

As far as I know I think Mammo beats Fukui 1v1. It may be they didn’t know what they were doing but I haven’t lost to one using Mammo.

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